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Where can I retrieve my finisher certificate?

Your finisher certificate will be available on the results page of our website a few days after the race.

Is there a waiting list after registration has closed?

No. Once our maximum entry limits are reached and registration has closed, it is no longer possible to get a bib as maximum capacity has been reached. 

We do not intend having a waiting list, even in case of cancellation of some other person's entry.

How can I make sure that I am registered and/or that I entered all my information?

You can check your registration application at any time with the registration number indicated in the confirmation e-mail you received.

If you cannot find a confirmation mail please check all your e-mail folders

If you are sure you have entered and paid then drop a mail here with all details you know of your entry including distance, date entered, etc and we will investigate.

What is the mandatory gear list?

For all the races, the mandatory gear list would be:

- an hydratation pack
- a food reserve
- a whistle
- a survival blanket
- an operational cellphone


É provável que haja algumas alterações relacionadas com a Covid na recolha do babete, estações de ajuda e acabamento para 2022, mas o evento deverá ter lugar como geralmente planeado. 


Todos os lugares estão preenchidos, o prazo de mudança de nome e distância passou e não estão a ser libertados novos lugares.


Obrigado pelo vosso apoio contínuo ao evento.

How accurate are the distances/how are they measured?

We aim to provide accurate distances for all event but being a trail event with significant off road and elevation gain and loss means that these distances cannot be guaranteed accurate to the nearest few meters.

Distance and elevation is first measured in a mapping software and then confirmed on the ground by a Stryd foot-pod - currently the gold standard in measuring trail races and significantly more accurate than GPS. 

In general most GPS watches will come close to the official measurements but it depends on your GPS software, the satelitte coverage in your area, the recording mode you have selected on your watch or phone, and how well you run the 'optimal line' on the trail. Our official course measurers put great care to run the optimal lines while measuring the routes with the foot-pod. 

The foot-pod contains an accelerometer which measures exactly how far the pod moves across space in three dimensions (forwards/backwards, side to side, and up and down) providing nearly 100% accurate readings even where there is poor satellite coverage. So should you find that your GPS recording is slightly different than official course distance and elevation it is likely a combination of GPS inaccuracy and not having run the optimal line on the trails (such as when you run the outside of bends instead of taking the straight line from the middle of each curve in the bend - not always an option when you are racing or tired).

What type of running shoes are recommended for the EcoTrail Porto event?

Trail shoes are strongly recommended for all distances in the EcoTrail Porto event

Regular road running shoes are not suitable for the mix of trail surfaces that are included in all distances.

These trails include significant sections of gravel, rocks, roots, grass and maybe mud particularly in case of recent wet weather.

Will the routes be closed to the public?


You can expect to encounter other trail and road users along your journey and show them the same courtesy you would like to receive under similar circumstances.

On all road sections stay aware of traffic and follow marshals instructions at all times particularly at road crossing points.